AGFA Apogee Portal

Information on our Apogee Portal service


Accessing and handling our Apogee Portal service

We have been providing access to our Apogee Portal service v12 for our customers.
Please find the detailed manual of our Apogee Portal here on AGFA’s support site. All customers having an account already, can use their existing login name and password. In case you face with any conflict using our Portal service please contact our representatives.

Logon here:

Customer’s previous jobs
Jobs our customers uploaded to our previous Portal are not available. Upon request we take care of any earlier jobs to be present on the new Portal service.

Accounts and login data
Login names previously created for our customers are still accepted by the new Portal login interface. We inform every Portal user on the new Portal login data via email message.

FTP server access
Our FTP server does not support HTTP access so please use a dedicated FTP client software to connect (eg. Commander, CuteFTP, WinSCP).

FTP server:
FTP port: 21
Passive port range: 1025 – 1500 (if firewalled, please turn off passive option)
Secured FTP-port: 990 (TLS/SSL, implicit)