The album Gáborjáni Szabó Kálmán festőművész, grafikus – Kálmán Gáborjáni Szabó, painter and graphic artist in English – features the works of Hungarian painter, graphic artist, and art teacher Gáborjáni Szabó Kálmán, whose life and work was closely connected with The Reformed College of Debrecen, the largest city of the Tiszántúl region, an area that lies between the Tisza river of Hungary and the Apuseni Mountains of Romania. The album, which was published as part of the Public Collections Series of the Church District of the Tiszántúl, was printed in The Alföldi Printing House that has been operating continuously since 1561 and for centuries, served as the printing company of the city of Debrecen and the Reformed Church District.

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